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Electric Trials Bike

Lightweight, responsive, low-maintenance ride.


It's what you've been waiting for.

In a class of it's own - dob

Introducing the dob "Bad Sheep" electric trials bike.

Completely revised design.

The first small electric trials bike to offer a mechanical clutch and idle mode.

  • Available with 2 different motor options, 2 different wheel sizes, clutched or 2-speed gearbox. The choice is yours.

  • Almost silent, ride in the garden without annoying anyone.

  • Unique 2-speed gearbox converts instantly from trials/play bike to singletrack ripper (1.8kW motor only).

  • Two (1.8kW) or three (3kW) speed & power settings at the flick of a switch. Let your kids or non-riding friends have a try without fear of getting out of control.

  • Very light, Bad Sheep can be flicked around with ease - wheelies, endos, bunny hops all become so accessible, and when things don't go to plan it's no big deal.

  • Fully air adjustable suspension and your choice of wheels (20"/24") cater to any terrain and style of riding.

  • Adjustable controller adapts to any skill level.

Adult or youth? - suits either. Slow or fast? - your choice.





Lightweight electric motorcycles for kids and adults. Oset alternatives.

Dob bikes Australia are the exclusive importers and distributors of the dob electric trials bike range. We maintain stock of spare parts and are always happy to provide support.

Dob bikes are manufactured in Beijing China, by an experienced team of engineers and trials riders. Dob originally built trials bicycles back in the early 2000's but transitioned into light electric moto-trials when Dob's founders realised the potential of combining experience manufacturing trials bicycles with the exciting possibilities of electric bike technology.


Since 2017 Dob have been continually developing and improving the bike whilst selling to the Chinese domestic market. During this time well over 1,000 bikes have been sold, proving their reliability and performance.

The 2022 release of the Bad Sheep model marks the introduction of a whole new class of light electric trials bikes - bikes with a real mechanical clutch for instant power control at the tip of your finger.



See Shop for prices & current availability.

Hold tight, we'll be in touch soon.

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